i’ve got 99 problems and being a decaying organism that’s born to die in a society run by money that i can’t escape is one of them 

do you need a hug

i think we all need a hug

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once i was so high that i heard a drum beat and for a good fifteen seconds i thought that the events of the movie jumanji were about to happen to me

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I don’t care how hot you are, if your personality is shit your physical appearance automatically means nothing

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weeaboo stories


Oh man, I’ve got this great story about weeaboos. First of all, to clarify, I’m not really that into anime and I am certainly not much of a weeaboo myself. Anyway, I was opening a meeting of my local anime club (I am the president) when

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my #1 talent is saying stupid things to people and immediately regretting it

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When I was

a young boy

my father

took me into the city

to see a marching band

he said ‘son don’t get too attached to this band because bands break up and you will cry’

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losing followers for the ferguson posts is like cleaning out the trash thanks

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Oh my god youre straight? I had no idea. You seem normal to me. Did you know that Sara is straight to? You two should totally hook up. I cant believe youre straight. You could be my straight best friend. We could go to football games together. Itll be so much fun. So like how long have you been straight? Your whole life!? No way.

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